Calacatta Marble Slabs

Length(M) Width(M)
2.95M 1.95M

British Granite presents Calacatta marbles which are highlighted with streaks of white and Gold and it is a distinctive Italian marble. The Calacatta marble is available in both honed and polished finishes and this elegant Italian marble greatly compliments the Kitchen marble countertop and marble floor tiles. The cost of the Italian Calacatta marble is expensive because of the rare availability and makes the marble more precious and considered as a luxury marble. It is the most luxurious marble amongst all due to its rare availability and the most prestigious stone in the world. The marble features a white background with dramatic veins in gray and golden tones. It has got its application in Kitchens and bathrooms for Kitchen countertops and flooring applications. It grabs the attention due to the bright and shiny texture of the marble stones which makes them more appealing to the eye and brings elegance and sophistication to the place it is being used.

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