Arabescato Marble Tiles

Length(MM) Width(MM)
305mm 305mm
400mm 400mm
450mm 450mm
600mm 600mm

A premium range of Italian marble collection, presenting Arabescato marble that is featured with white with a web of fine grey elements to black color veining across the marble slabs. This Italian stone is also available in Grey and black. The veinings and the grains vary between the three colors namely white, grey and black. This Arabescato marble is been quarried from Italy and it is ideal for decking up home interiors. It has also got various applications like curtain walls, floors etc.,.

Even this stone creates a visual impact in public buildings like domes, fountains, murals, etc. An exotic Arabescato marble has got varied applications for home interiors, commercial applications & also has got its applications in public designs. Yet another classic Italian marble from the southern Carrara area in Italy, and this is one of the oldest and typical marble types from the house of British Granite.

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