Blue Pearl Slab

Length(M) Width(M)
2.95M 1.95M

The tropical blue granite slabs add elegance to the interior or exterior and are preferred for indoor or outdoor use. The blue pearl granite slabs are highly resistant to stains and have the feature of a non-slip texture.

Blue pearl granite slabs are widely famous for their vibrant color, durability, exclusive finish, and polish. Moreover, Blue pearl slabs are highly resistant to heat, pressure, stains, scratches, and water.

Therefore, the Blue Pearl granite slabs from British Granite are very suitable for flooring, elevations, kitchens, bathrooms, and stairs. These Blue Pearl Granite slabs are imported from Norway, which is a natural granite stone, and the glossy polished texture is ideal for countertops and decorations.

Over the years, the British Granite has established itself as one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of Blue pearl granite slabs and it is very popular because of its countertop applications due to its durability. British Granite is the largest supplier and manufacturer of Blue pearl countertops in India & overseas. Blue pearl granite slabs kitchen countertops are available in various size ranges & thicknesses at the lowest price.


Blue Pearl Granite slabs own other few names such as:

Labrador Blue Pearl Medio Royal Granite, Blue Pearl Hallingsas Royal Granite, Labrador TF Royal Granite, Blue Pearl Sagasen Royal Granite, Azul Perola Royal Granite, Blue Labrador Hell Royal Granite, Blue Pearl Royal Granite, Labrador Azurro Royal Granite, Labrador Azzurro Royal Granite, Labrador Azzurro Blue Pearl Royal Granite, Labrador Blue Pearl Royal Granite, Labrador Chiaro Royal Granite, Labrador Claro Royal Granite, Labrador Hell Royal Granite, Ljus Labrador Royal Granite, Perla Azurro Royal Granite, Stalaker Royal Granite, Labrador Blue Pearl GT Royal Granite, Lundhs Blue Royal Granite, Blue Pearl Granite Royal.


Blue Pearl Granite slabs Available Finishes: 

Polished, Sawn, Honed, Flamed / Thermal, Brushed / Leather, Antique (Flamed + Brushed), Both Sides Polished Blue Pearl Granite Slabs & Tiles.

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