Colonial White Slab

Length(M) Width(M)
2.95M 1.95M

Colonial white granite slabs originate from India and are a white color background interspersed with white and grey flecks and lines. Colonial white granite slabs are mainly used in residential settings aster kitchen countertops, which could be used as floor and wall tiles.

Mainly used for home & commercial applications - mainly for flooring and kitchen countertops. We British granite are the major suppliers & manufacturers of colonial white granite slabs and we are proud to export to many countries with different sizes and dimensions.


Colonial White Granite slabs own other few names such as:

Millennium white Granite, Kalahari Waves Granite, Antique Gold Granite from India.


Colonial White Granite slabs Available Finishes: 

Polished, Sawn, Honed, Flamed / Thermal, Brushed / Leather, Antique (Flamed + Brushed), Both Sides Polished Colombo Juprana Granite Slabs & Tiles.

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