Tan Brown

Length(MM) Width(MM)
305mm 305mm
400mm 400mm
450mm 450mm
600mm 600mm

Tan Brown Granite Tiles can be used for a variety of indoor and outdoor purposes. Tan Brown Granite Kitchen Tiles are commonly used for kitchen countertops, wall cladding, and tabletops.

British Granite presents Tan Brown Granite, which is characterized by a dark brown background with black and reddish shades.

Taking a closer look at the surface and texture of Tan-brown Granite, users can discover many variations in Tan-brown tiles that highlight the dark brown, red, and grey tones.

Tan Brown Granite is very suitable for both indoor and outdoor use & also it is frost resistant and comes in a good polish with good texture & finish. Hence British granite is the leading manufacturer, supplier & exporter of Tan Brown Granite & tiles. We export Tan Brown Granite to many countries worldwide.


Tan Brown Granite Available Finishes: 

Polished, Sawn, Honed, Flamed / Thermal, Brushed / Leather, Antique (Flamed + Brushed), Both Sides Polished Tan Brown Granite Slabs & Tiles.


Features of Tan Brown Granite:

-Highly resistant to stain

-Long-life which maintains the Good polish & texture.


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