Thassos Marble Slabs

Length(M) Width(M)
2.95M 1.95M

British Granite is one of the leading suppliers and the UK’s leading Marble, Granite, and Quartz worktop supplier with a stunning range of marble & Granite collections. These are often mined and extracted from Europe, in particular Italy and Croatia. Thassos marble is a kind of Greek marble and it is been originated from Thassos Island. This marble backs up numerous other names namely white of Tassos, Thassos white marble, Bianco Thassos, Thassos snow-white, Bianco Tassos & Thassos Pure white. Its uniqueness is the marble looks shinier and brighter in white and got its applications in bathroom countertops, interior and exterior applications, and this marble is known for its authentic and natural look. It is also called a pure white marble highlighted with the brilliant crystalline color of refined sugar. For ages, this marble is recognized as stone from Greece and it is a niche marble due to its brilliant shiny surface and consistency in the color.

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