Vizag Blue Slab

Vizag Blue Granite originates from India and is a granite with a dark grey to the blue base color, with a darker grey stripe pattern running across the granite slabs.

These Vizag blue granite slabs are highly recommended for all commercial and residential projects including outdoor countertops & walls that adhere to all temperatures and climatic conditions.

The Vizag blue granite slabs possess certain properties and uniqueness like hardness, high scratch resistance, durability, smooth surface, heat resistance, etc make the granite get introduced worldwide.

We British granite are the major suppliers & manufacturers of Vizag blue granite slabs and we are proud to export to many countries with different sizes and dimensions.


Vizag Blue Granite slabs own other few names such as:

Vizag Granite, Bahama Blue Granite, Sky Blue Granite, Bahama Blue Dark Granite, Vizag Blue Dark Granite, Blue Vizag India Granite, Brindel Blue Granite, Ganga Blue Granite, Vizag Blue Granite from India.


Vizag Blue Granite slabs Available Finishes: 

Polished, Sawn, Honed, Flamed / Thermal, Brushed / Leather, Antique (Flamed + Brushed), Both Sides Polished Colombo Juprana Granite Slabs & Tiles.

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